Rapid Prototype

Rapid concept models and prototypes allow you the ability to bring the right product to the market quickly.   You can verify suitability and accuracy of your design to minimize changes and maximize the return on your project.

The Bet Shemesh Engines Rapid Prototype Center can be an invaluable partner in helping you to create and evaluate components quickly and efficiently. No matter how complex the design, once a solid CAD model has been created, we can produce a prototype and/or cast parts within a few days at a fraction of the cost.  

 CastForm PS Polystyrene polymer
Developed for investment casting process. Performs like foundry wax,
and is used to produce metal castings.


 DuraForm Materials
 DuraForm PA - Polyamide (nylon) material.
Superior surface quality, fine details and functional features.
Plus DuraForm PA is approved for modeling and testing surgical devices.
DuraForm GF - Polyamide Glass-Filled. Improved stiffness, heat resistance, and mechanical integrity. Duraform GF is a perfect material for extreme testing conditions.  


 The Benefits
Test functional parts, make design changes, and quickly create other sets of parts as needed. Your project moves more quickly, your product enters the market sooner, and design changes do not require expensive tooling costs. Since we operate as a service bureau, we can respond quickly. Through the knowledge and support of our team, we can suggest the right solution for your application (pre- and post- processing), and we can also provide design and engineering support, including Computer Aid Design.

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