Department: Heat Treatment

QTY Description Model Capability (mm) (°C)


1 Vacuum Horiz. Furnace HR 66-60 1219 x 1524 (1370°C) Abar
1 Vacuum Horiz. Furnace HR 50-48 920 x 1400-(1320°C) Abar
1 Vacuum Horiz. Furnace HR 26-36 460 x 600 x 920 (1350°C) Abar
1 Vacuum Vertical Furnace Ugine Infra ø830 x 1500 (1250°C) Ugine Infra
1 Endotermic Furnace TQFR-4-EM 610 x 460 x 910 (1200°C) Ipsen-Abar
1 Deep Freezer Harris 1200 x 760 x 760 (-80°C) Harris
1 Air Furnace Ugine Infra ø850 x 1200 (750°C) Ugine Infra

The vacuum furnaces are designed for the following heat treatments:

 Stress relieving

The endothermic furnace is designated for:

 Hardening (oil, air) For the fixture
 Normalizing For the fixture

Deep Freezer

The deep freezer is designated for:
 Sub-zero treatment

The air furnace is designated for:

 Stress relieving

Hardness check


Applicable materials

 Carbon and low alloy steel
 Stainless steel
 Iron-nickel base alloys
 Nickel base alloys
 Cobalt base alloys
 Precipitation hardening steels
 Titanium alloys

BSEL is qualified for heat treatment processes by GE, PWA, MTU, Hamilton Sundstrand and others.