Department: Shot Peening

QTY Description Model Capability (mm)


1 Shot Peening (mechanical) HV5YE ø600mm (table) Sisson Lehman
1 Shot Peening (CNC) 1286 ø660mm (table) Progressive
1 Shot Peening (CNC) 1829 ø660mm (table) Progressive


Shot peening is available at BSEL in two modes:

 Two robotic blasting systems (CNC)
 mechanical system








a. Two Robotic Blasting Systems

The systems are specifically designed to offer the most flexible and durable solution for the pneumatic blasting environment.
Robotic machines model 1286 and 1829 are made by Progressive Surfaces Technologies.
The machines' gantry 4-axis robots and indexing spindles are for high precision pneumatic blasting.
The systems are designed for maximum parts dimensions up to Ø1100 x 1100 mm and max. load of 250 Kg.
The process parameters (pressure, media flow, air flow, peening time) can be printed at the end of the cycle for a hard copy record.
The machines use S-110 cast steel media with hardness of 45 ÷ 52 HRC and CCW14.

The systems have two blast modes:
  1 gun blast direct pressure Ø 1/2 " (internal diameter)
 1 rotary lance 1/8 " ÷ 5/8 " (lance size) for slots, and holes peening

b. Mechanical System

The machine is made by Sisson Lehman and is a type HV-3YE – Mechanical system.  The peening mode is sucction.  The machine is equipped with six nozzle Ø10mm or Ø14mm diameter (sucction pressure) and two nozzles with direct pressure Ø10mm or Ø14mm.
Maximum part dimensions: Ø500 x 500 mm.
Peening media: casting steel S-70, S-110, S-170 with hardness 45 ÷52 HRC.


BSEL is qualified for shot peening by NADCAP,GE, PWA, MTU and others