BSEL has extensive experience in testing processes with the highest quality to ensure that the product is in compliance with industry standards, meets the company's requirements in line with international specifications, and qualified by auditors. Our NDT methods and Level III personnel in every method comply with NAS-410 and some OEM specific requirements. RI, FPI and MPI are also qualified by NADCAP.
More than 5,000 ft2 NTD facilities - custom designed and built to specifically meet the needs of our NDT department services.
Our in-house capabilities include the following Nondestructive Testing (NDT) technologies:

Radiographic inspection (RI)

Radiographic inspection (RI) is equipped
with two units in lead-line cabinet.
Size of 2.5m3 with 320 KV hidden tubes ensuring
the safety of the operators.

 Liquid Penetrant (FPI)

One of our NDT technology strengths is 3 complete Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) units, in our production, M.R.O and casting divisions.
Each department works according to the specific requirements of parts involved with different levels of sensitivity.
 More than a dozen professional operators and inspectors run these departments.

Magnetic Particle (MPI)

A complete range of in-house capabilities of 
Magnetic Particle inspection (MPI) equipped with two complete inspection units supplied by Magnoflux with capacity of 5000 Amp. 

Eddy Current (ECI)

Our Eddy Current department is equipped
with two inspection stations; one is an automatic
computerized system which checks and calibrates automatically, the other is a semi automatic system.  


Chemical Etching & Etch Anodizing (EIM, BEA)

The etching department performs numerous NDT operations, and is capable and approved for the following methods:
 Blue Etch Anodizing (BEA) applicable for all Titanium materials.
 Etch anodizing inspection applicable for nickel based alloys.
 Chemical etch inspection (EIM) applicable for nickel based alloys.

Ultrasonic inspection (UI)

Equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment, our immersion UI capabilities are constantly applied to inspect critical aerospace related rotating parts, welds and brazes.
Color C-Scan imaging equipment that can provide C-, B- and A-Scan views.
Instrumentation and personnel to conduct contact UI on complex geometry parts.