EBW (Electron Beam Welding)

The EBW system available at BSEL is an Hamilton Standard 150kv high voltage machine, which operates at 50ma.
The welding is produced in a high-vacuum chamber (108° x 56° x 56°).
The machine is qualified for welding most of the applicable materials.


Fusion Welding

 Gas tungsten arc welding
This type of welding is available at BSEL in two modes: manual and automatic.
The automatic Linde machine is intended for the production of longitudinal and circular welds.
Our department is equipped with Fronius Magic Wave 2600 machines (AC/DC 3÷300A) for manual welding.
 Shield metal arc welding
A Hobart machine is used for this type of welding.



Resistance Welding

Resistance welding at BSEL is accomplished by spot and seam welding machines:

 Sciaky P200STK Spot welding machine (200KVA)
 Sciaky M200STK Seam welding machine (140KVA)
 Sciaky PMCO Spot welding machine (90KVA)
 Lorus machinery portable suspended spot welding gun
 2 Unitek spot welding guns for thin materials

BSEL has its own qualified metallurigcal laboratory for quality inspection of all mentioned processes.