Livnica Preciznih Odlivaka (LPO) is a precision casting company
based in the industrial zone of Ada,
Serbia with a building area of over 6,000 square meters.  It was founded in 1978 and has been a subsidiary of BSEL since 2003.
LPO is in an expert in equiax castings of blades and vanes for the aerospace industry.  It has extensive experience in producing castings for commercial and military engines.



LPO does the following operations:




The coating of wax clusters using ceramic slurry is a critical operation within the production process and is a vital factor in the quality of castings, particularly the surface structure

of castings. Therefore, a stringent process control is

maintainedon all significant parameters

such as temperature and humidity of the air in the environment,

viscosity and composition of the slurry,

and grades of stucco.



 Air melting, 20 Kg

 Vacuum melting, 25 Kg

Quality inspection




 Alloy verification – XRF
 Metallurgical – microscope
 Creep testing machine

Quality: LPO is approved by

 ISO 9001:2000
 AS 9100 revision B