Bet Shemesh Engines' Casting Division is based at two sites, one at Bet Shemesh, Israel and the other at LPO in Ada, Serbia.

The Casting Division produces parts for the most advanced engines, such as Pratt & Whitney's PW4000, International Aero Engines' V2500, GP 7000, Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW306 and PW307.
This is achieved by meeting the most demanding standards of the engine manufacturers
in quality, competitive pricing and "just-on-time" delivery.
The Casting Division produces parts using the investment casting method; air casting and vacuum casting.

 Typical parts:

Turbine airfoils (Blades & Vanes); hollow and solid
Integral compressor and turbine wheels
Structural parts (Diffusers, Nozzles, Valves, Augmentor parts)

 Typical applications:

JT8D blades and vanes
J79 blades
PW4000 blades
V2500 blades

 Typical Materials:

Vacuum melt alloys: Superalloys such as IN-100, IN-713, IN-718, Ren- 77, Ren-80, B-1900, MAR-M (alloy 247), U-500
Precipitation hardening stainless steels: 17-4PH, 15-5PH

 Product size:

Air melt: up to 65 Kg / 150 lb
Vacuum melt: up to 32 Kg / 70 lb

 Quality Assurance:

ISO 9001
Pratt & Whitney
GE Aircraft Engines


Chemical testing
Metallurgical testing
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
Magnetic Particles Inspection (MPI)
Dimensional (CMM)