BSEL develops a wide range of unmanned engines for aerial vehicles and target drones

BSEL’s operations involve:

 Integration support
 Customization for specific applications
 Prototype and Serial Production, including in-house investment casting
 Test and evaluation
 Interface and environmental tests

R&D Team

 R&D and engineering teams include 60 engineers
 37 years of experience in development, engineering and technology of jet/turbo engines
 A broad know-how base accumulated in all echelons and departments which enables a fast
    response to development challenges

Fields of R&D and Engineering

 Thermodynamics and thermodynamic cycles
 Gas flow, turbo machinery aerodynamics and heat transfer
 Stress and strain
 Vibration and rotor dynamics
 Control and simulation

Fields of R&D and Engineering Design

 Mechanical design and engine integration
 Vehicle interface and integration
 Accessories, fuel and lubrication systems
 Electronics, electric supply and sensors
 Tests, test facilities and test data decoding, reduction and evaluation



 Finite elements - stress and strain, heat transfer
 Computerized fluid dynamics
 Rotor dynamics and vibrations
 Test data reduction and evaluation
 Matlab programs
 5 axis CNC machining of highly twisted blades
 CAD programs

Achievements,  1979 - today

BSEL has developed a wide range of engines.
BSEL’s operations involve:
 Integration support
 Customization for specific applications
 Prototype and Serial Production including in- house investment

R&D Scope

Today, Bet Shemesh Engines and the engineering teams are looking to cooperate with engine/aircraft manufacturers in the areas of development and testing of:
 Major Components
 Complete Engines